My name's Luke! It's nice to meet you. 
I'm an illustrator and student at the University of New Hampshire. My first children's book My Family Loves to Eat Together was published through Every Woman a Theologian in 2023. I first came to the visual arts in early 2020 through 3D rendering. It was only in late 2022 that I stumbled upon the magical world of drawing. I've had the pleasure of working with a handful of singer-songwriter types including Graham Jones, and Zane Vickery.
Born and raised with my siblings as a homeschooled kid in New Hampshire, I deeply appreciate wonder, stories, and squirrels (or better yet, all three simultaneously). When not drawing in my sketchbook, I can be found sipping hot water, playing pickleball (I'm an old soul, can't you tell?), or discussing the importance of beauty, goodness, and truthI draw inspiration from bookish artists like John Hendrix, Joe Sutphin, Joe Hox, Ned Bustard, Stephen Crotts, and Aedan Peterson. *cough cough* Have you ever heard of this thing called The Rabbit Room?
If you want to reach out for work inquiries or questions, I'd love to chat over email!
Thank you!
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